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Hardwood Buffing and recoating is part of the regular maintenance your hardwood flooring requires to stay looking its best. Most hardwood flooring is protected with a layer of polyurethane. Over time, this protective coating of polyurethane gets worn away. This wearing and thinning of the protective coating happens much more quickly in high-traffic areas. If too much of this protective layer wears away, the wood flooring beneath it is left exposed to damage from drops, spills, traffic, and more.

With a buff and recoat, your floor’s polyurethane coating can be refreshed before it becomes too worn. Restoring this protective coating before it wears away will protect your floor from damage and keep it looking its best.


The buff and recoat process is relatively simple. Our flooring experts will refresh the existing polyurethane coating with a carefully-applied top coat. To ensure that this new layer of polyurethane adheres properly to the existing coating, your flooring will be gently buffed.

During the buffing process, the actual wood itself is not sanded. Instead, only the top layer of polyurethane coating is buffed. The buffing process is relatively gentle; the top layer of coating is buffed just enough to allow the new layer of polyurethane to bond to the surface. Once this is complete, the new layer of polyurethane is applied.

There are many benefits to maintaining your hardwood floors with routine buffing and recoat services:

  • Restore the Beauty of Your Flooring. As the polyurethane coating begins to wear away, your floors can be left looking dull and are more vulnerable to damage. A buff and recoat will restore the shine and dimension of your flooring and improve their appearance. You can also have the option of changing the gloss level of your finish, making the surface glossier or opting for a satin finish.
    • Tip: If you want to completely change the color of your flooring, it will be necessary to sand your floors down to the raw hardwood. Stain must be applied directly to the wood, which is not exposed during a routine buff and recoat.
  • Avoid the Need for A Full Sanding. By recoating your flooring before the polyurethane is worn off, you can protect it from damage and avoid the need to sand and refinish. Buffing and recoating should be considered routine maintenance for your hardwood flooring.
  • Prolong the Life of Your Floors. If the polyurethane coating on your floors becomes too worn, you could end up with scratches, gouges, and other damage. Maintaining this protective layer with a buff and recoat will keep your floor looking its best for as long as possible.

Our Hardwood Manhattan Buffing Company

Our buff and recoat services are the perfect solution for hardwood floors that need a basic refresh. However, floors that are heavily worn or damaged will typically require more extensive repair and restoration services. If you’re not sure whether your floors need routine maintenance, general repairs, or a complete restoration, we can help! Our team has extensive experience with hardwood flooring and can help you find the perfect solution for your home or business..

To learn more about our buff and recoat or other hardwood flooring services, contact our Hudson Flooring team today! We provide complimentary i consultations so you can make an informed decision about hardwood buffing your home or business location.