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A good finish on your hardwood floor is important to maintain because it keeps your floor looking great and increases the value of your home. Sanding and refinishing hardwoods can also make it easier to clean your floor and help eliminate more maintenance down the road. Sanding and refinishing your floor is a great way to help you protect your investment and prolong the life of your floor.

Our sanding process involves a dustless system that minimizes dust getting in and around your home, furnishings, and belongings. One of our biggest priorities is to protect the property in your home or business. As always, our hardwood flooring team treats our clients’ homes and businesses as respectfully as we treat our own homes, covering all cabinets and furniture with plastic covers during sanding and refinishing projects. Our flooring experts can help you choose the perfect stain and sheen level for your home or business. We can refinish and restore hardwood floors or staircases around your busy schedule! Always friendly, professional, and patient, the installation and restoration experts at Hudson Floors are artisans and craftsmen. They will work with you to create the hardwood floors of your dreams.  Call 973-200-8929 to set up an appointment.