Whatever business you’re setting up, getting the look and image right has never been more important.  With the arrival of a tough economic climate the need to stand out from your competitors is paramount to success.  In order to win the hearts, minds, and especially the wallets getting the look right is imperative.  No matter whether your proposed business is an office, a shop, or a restaurant, getting the flooring right is a really important part of your overall planning process.

Commercial flooring

There are various flooring options that are suitable for commercial use.  These include tiling, linoleum, laminate, solid wood and engineered wood.  Here’s a brief overview of each:

Commercial grade tiling

Commercial grade tiling comes in a choice of either vinyl, carpet or ceramic.  Vinyl and ceramic, as you would imagine are both easy to maintain and hard wearing.  That said, attention needs to be paid to both during routine maintenance.  In particular, you need to make sure that respect is paid to health and safety regulations with regards risk of slipping whilst the floor is wet.   Carpet tiling, although a very popular some years ago, is now not so popular.  When it comes to price, there is no doubt that vinyl and carpet tiling come in at the cheaper end of the scale, whilst ceramic tiling is more expensive and requires more skill to install.  Plus, periodic maintenance from commercial cleaning to re-grouting due to high traffic is required.

Commercial grade linoleum

Commercial grade linoleum generally comes in sheet form and is specifically created with the heavy-duty wear and tear that extends its lifespan.  Available in a whole host of colors and patterns, commercial grade linoleum can be laid either in a single color and pattern or can be cut to be laid in a more inventive way.  Either way, this option is easy to clean and relatively hardwearing as well as being low cost.

Commercial grade laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is an imitation of real wood flooring, made from images that are bonded to a base to create a wood look alike flooring product.  Although an inexpensive solution, there is no getting away from the fact that laminate flooring tends to look tired and worn very quickly.  Therefore, if you’re looking for a long-term solution, laminate is unlikely to be the best option for you.

Solid hardwood flooring 

If you’re planning solid wood flooring for your commercial project, there is no doubt that the likes of oak, bamboo, wenge or Cumaru are ideally suited to the heavy-duty wear and tear that a commercial setting is likely to endure.  Irrespective of which solid flooring option you choose, it’s really important to choose a suitable finish to protect your floor and to keep it easy to maintain.

Engineered wood flooring

Once again, engineered hardwood flooring is a great solution for commercial premises.  The main advantage is that engineered solutions resist more effectively any fluctuations in temperature and moisture than solid wood.  So, if your commercial project is in a setting where moisture and temperature fluctuations are anticipated, you’d be best to select engineered wood over solid wood.


Clerical workers in a noisy room were less motivated to complete cognitive tasks and had elevated stress hormone levels, compared to those in a quiet room.  Essentially, we have a physical reaction to unwanted noise.  Soft surface flooring, like wall-to-wall carpet, offers exceptional sound absorption.  Some manufacturers even offer an acoustic-optimized carpet backing.

Commercial flooring

Irrespective of which flooring option you choose; you need to consider the look you want to achieve; the length of time you expect your floor to last and the traffic you’re likely to experience.  All of these things will impact on your final decision, but of course, our favored option is a wood floor, no matter the setting.  Here’s more advice on commercial wood flooring.   

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