Hudson Floor Company takes pride in refinishing straight oak wood planks, parquet, and herringbone patterns.  Parquet Flooring made from solid hardwood is sturdy, durable, and will last 50 years or longer.  Hardwood parquet does well with everyday use, showing very little wear and tear.  Parquet patterns, first invented in 17th century France, look luxurious without raising the flooring bill.  Parquet can be laid in geometric or angular patterns but retains the warmth of wood in the aesthetic design.   Whether the design calls for classic herringbone patterns, traditional basket weave patterns, or modern industrial, solid wood parquet is a wise hardwood investment.

However, parquet laminates look like solid wood but are very thin wood pieces assembled and bonded onto particle board.  Parquet laminates are not solid wood and cannot be sanded, re-oiled, or lacquered.  Parquet laminates are a type of engineered flooring.   Engineered flooring is compatible with underfloor heating because it holds up well to humidity in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.


Parquet flooring requires a level subfloor to ensure the hardwood blocks sit flush.  Installation of a hardwood parquet floor requires professional installation.  A parquet laminate will double the cost of the engineered flooring.  Solid wood parquet flooring will cost $20 to $50 per square foot compared to manufacturer made parquet laminate tiles which cost $7 to $10 per square foot.

Reclaimed flooring will seem cheaper, but the cleaning, sanding, leveling, and sealing process often counters any savings. Reclaimed original mahogany, sapele and merbau parquet are a treasure that is no longer milled for environmental reasons.


The word “parquet” comes from the old French parchet, meaning a small compartment.  Parquet is the term for floors made of inlaid wood, arranged in a geometric pattern. The most common patterns are various riffs on square or geometric motifs, though more unconventional takes, like sunbursts or medallions, also count. Open plan spaces get a bold, modern look with oversized boards laid in a chevron or herringbone pattern.  The most common hardwood for parquet design is oak stained golden brown or silvery grey.

  • Herringbone parquet This classic parquet works well in period and modern properties.
  • Biscuit’ parquet These boards with beveled edges and curved ends can be laid various formations for a playful take on traditional parquet.
  • Chevron parquet This parquet pattern can be used to make a narrow space appear wider.
  • Industrial parquet Using all the timber, including the lighter sapwood, these boards, made from Morado or Bolivian rosewood, are striking and sustainable.
  • Dutch Weave parquet Laid at 90-degree angles; this parquet has a smart, regimented look.
  • Hexagonal parquet These engineered oak tiles were designed to be used alone or to mix with the brand’s encaustic tiles for a mixed-material look that can be used to define zones in open-plan homes.
  • Mansion Weave parquet This style of parquet flooring is perfect for use in difficult shaped rooms, as it is non-directional.
  • Parquet de Versailles parquet This historic pattern replaced marble floors in the Palace of Versailles in 1684. Solid black charred adds a modern edge to this historic style. 


Treat Parquet floors as a normal wooden floor by sweeping and mopping lightly. To protect it, seal it with hard wax oil, or for a higher sheen choose lacquer. Beeswax gives a rich, mid-sheen finish. If parquet is damaged, individual blocks can easily be removed and replaced. For treated parquet floors a teaspoon of vinegar in a gallon of water with a damp mop will clean the floor satisfactorily.  Never use bleach, ammonia, or all-purpose cleaner.


Hudson Floor Group Inc. Installs Hardwood floors in parquet patterns.  Over 350 patterns are available for your design. Hardwood Floors are a major investment, you need a professional installer.  Hudson Floor Group Inc. is a full-service flooring company providing installation, refinishing, restoration, repairs, maintenance, flooring material and high quality, professional service.  Contact us at OR phone us at 201-644-4400.  NJ Location: 92 Bell Street Orange, NJ 07050 NYC Location: 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite Q291 New York, NY 10001.   CERTIFICATIONS: OSHA, NWFA, and FSC.