High quality Hardwood Floors look attractive and last decades.  Professional flooring companies provide installation, maintenance, and repair services.  Your home is your haven.  You need it to reflect your design style and well as provide functional value.  Selecting a reliable flooring company comes down to six tips:


Check online for the Hardwood Flooring Companies’ web page, physical address, and valid phone number. Call the phone number to experience ease of contacting the professionals. Read 10 to 20 reviews posted online to see what previous clients thought of the company. Any reputable flooring company will have some of these right on their website.  Look for satisfaction and any specific complaints.  Check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce for their reputation.


Ask family and friends for recommendations for a Hardwood Flooring Company.  Also ask at community groups like in the stands of Pee Wee football or at the PTA meetings.   Ask about credibility, behavior, work ethic, and satisfaction level.


Check the Hardwood Flooring Company’s Website for their qualifications and certifications. Check what initials like OSHA, NWFA, and FSC represent.  Note length of time in business and diversity of services.


In home assessment allows the professional to measure the spaces that need attention.  They bring samples for review and selection.  This will render an accurate quote.  Ask about additional fees or hidden charges that will be billed later.  A retail establishment will not be able to render an accurate quote without precise measurements.  However, a retail location has a larger selection of samples and design ideas.  Visiting the retail location to meet with the design team and then hosting a professional hardwood representative at your home will provide you with the greatest diversity.

Hardwood floors are not only beautiful, but they can also be pricey. To make sure you’re not being over- or under-sold on hardwood floors, make sure you’re doing your research.  For instance, the prices for solid hardwood flooring run up to $8 to $15 per square foot. The costs of engineered hardwood floors are less than solid hardwood floors, running between $3 and $14 per square foot. This could mean significant savings for you!

There is always a possibility of mishap when doing anytime of reconstruction work. A fully insured company will eliminate liability and protect you and the flooring company in the event of an accident or error.  A lack of insurance is a telltale sign that the company you’re working with isn’t legitimate.


Bear in mind, flooring means moving possessions and furniture out of the room.  Or completing the task before the move-in date.  Hudson Hardwood Flooring Company provides short term storage for the length of your job.

Time also refers to the Hardwood Flooring Company giving you a realistic timeline for job completion.  The wood needs to be placed in your home for a week before the job begins.  The wood needs to be acclimated to your environment, temperature, and humidity level.

A realistic time frame is 3 to 4 weeks.  Each phase of the installation must season and dry before the next phase can begin.  A reputable Flooring company will explain the waiting periods to frame your expectations realistically.


A solid warranty should back the work done in your home.  If your design selections include several different flooring varieties, the warranty may be specific to the type of floor.  Inquire about the warranty and get it in writing.  Understand what is covered and how long the warranty lasts.  If the hardwood flooring company doesn’t offer any sort of warranty, that should be an immediate red flag.

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Don’t forget to have fun and choose the floors that are just right for you.  Hardwood Floors are a major investment. Our unrivaled service, exceptional quality and competitive pricing is why Hudson Floor Group is the clear choice for your next flooring project.

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