Tree rings are evidence of life lived.  Generations in the making, tree rings both mark the passage of time and herald the times of our lives.  Hardwood Floors bring warmth, history, and deep aesthetic beauty into the home. Durable and easy to clean, Hardwood Floors increase the home’s value for generations to come.



Hardwood Floors add a beautiful aesthetic to any living space.  The warm, natural appearance stylistically fits modern to industrial to classic designs.  The diversity to Hardwood Floors as a design element is highly sought after by many homeowners.  A wide variety of style options can be achieved by choosing between different wood species, stain colors, and textured looks to create truly unique visual preference and personalized Hardwood Floors.


            Easy to Clean  

Hardwood Floors are low maintenance.  Busy families and career driven people look for a convenient flooring solution.  Quickly removing dirt, dust, and pet hair by routine sweeping meets the call to duty.  Occasional damp mopping to remove sticky spills is all that is needed to maintain Hardwood Floors.



Hardwood Floors are durable.  They are the least likely to be damaged which reduced repair costs.  This long-lasting quality makes Hardwood Floors a cost-effective option.  Hardwood Floors can be sanded down and refinished multiple times.  Scuffs, scratches, and general wear and tear can be eliminated without damaging the structural integrity of the floor.  Design aesthetic can be changed for each generation without replacing the floor.  Hardwood Floors will last.



The popularity and demand for Hardwood Floors protects the resale value of your home.  Homes with Hardwood Floors typically sell at a higher price than the same design with synthetic flooring.   Hardwood Floors yield a 75 percent return on investment at resale.  Hardwood Floors are a good investment for the enjoyment of your family and a smart financial decision for your biggest financial investment, your home.



Hardwood Floors stand up to the modern lifestyle.  Whether children or pets are dinging and denting the high traffic areas, Hardwood Floors stand up to the abuse.  Hardwood Floors, hickory, ash, red oak, white oak, and maple, provide an excellent foundation in high traffic areas. Hardwoods do not harbor allergens and are good for asthmatics, emphysemas, and chronic obstructive breathing disorders.


            Renewable Resource

Forests can be carefully planted, harvested, and replanted to produce a consistent stream of resources without negatively impacting the environment.  When harvested properly, wood is more sustainable than its metal alternatives. Materials like steel and aluminum require a lot more energy to produce.  Sustainable timber must be planted and harvested in very specific ways to retain its eco-friendly status.

Clearcutting, the practice of removing all the trees in an area, is prohibited. Instead, buffer zones of trees that will not be harvested are planted around any bodies of water to prevent erosion and protect the habitats of plants and wildlife.  This protects the natural plant diversity and water quality.   In eco-friendly timber operations, regeneration is a priority. That means trees are replanted as quickly as they are harvested, and harvest levels do not exceed what can be sustained.


          Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is more expensive than virgin wood because it needs to be prepared for installation in a new structure. A dealer sorts and prepares the wood so it’s safe for consumer use. Nail pulling, sizing, and reconditioning add to costs over using virgin lumber. Reclaimed wood as a building material, it should be kiln-dried to ensure invasive pests are killed. Reclaimed lumber may be treated with chemicals and paint, which can contain volatile organic compounds, adhesives, preservatives, insecticides, or lead.  Wood painted before 1978 will most likely have lead.  To make sure lumber is truly reclaimed, purchase it from a reputable dealer with certifications from organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council or the Rainforest Alliance.



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