Manhattan Dustless Sanding for hardwood floors is a popular request from homeowners.  It’s more efficient than regular sanding.  It also requires less cleanup.  High rise buildings that do not have windows that open, air quality is very important.  Dustless Sanding helps you maintain the indoor air quality and preserves your respiratory health.

Dustless sanding

This process creates less dust than the standard sanding process.  With the proper system in place, about 99% of the dust that would otherwise be released into the air is captured and contained in a way that makes it easily disposed.   Although it’s called a “dustless” process, in reality it’s not completely dust-free.  There will always be a small amount of dust created and released into the air during any hardwood floor finishing process.  However, a proper dust control system will take care of the vast majority of the dust created during the sanding process.  Most professional flooring technicians will remove furniture and possessions to protect them from the dust.


Manhattan Dustless Sanding is great for people with asthma and dust sensitivities. Note that you can’t throw caution to the wind when using a dustless sanding setup.  For example, you still should tack the floor in between each coat of finish.  Manhattan Dustless Sanding is a good idea when you’re working with vulnerable populations like children or the elderly.  It is preferred when working in a hospital or rehabilitation facility.

Many finishes on hardwood floors are caused by dust that isn’t properly removed from the floor before proceeding to the next step in the installation process.  Moreover, the dustless sanding process is beneficial because it usually takes less time than a standard sanding process.  There is less cleanup involved and no need to hire a cleaning company to come in after the job to clean up.


There are several systems available to help you create a dustless sanding environment, from complete dust control systems to sanders with self-contained dust control.  Here are three systems we recommend:

#1: American Sanders RS-16 DC Buffer – The RS-16 allows for dustless buffing.  Hook up the American Sanders RS-16 DC to a vacuum like one of the Festool CT vacuums to prevent dust from entering the air, thus preserving indoor air quality.

#2: Lagler Trio – The features integrated dust control, so there’s no need for an outside vacuum when using the Trio.  The Lagler Trio offers integrated, sensor-monitored dust suction and dust-free disposal.  A unique dust seal which allows the large dust collection hose which is integrated into the chassis of the machine–pick up dust and debris.  Fine dust is brought through the pleated filter, while heavier dust is cyclone down to a self-contained bag, which is easy to remove.

#3: Oneida Dust Deputy – The Dust Deputy is a powerful cyclone-style separator.  You hook it up to a vacuum, and the Dust Deputy captures and contains 99% of the dust created by your sander.  The Dust Deputy is extremely efficient and effective at capturing and filtering any dust created during the sanding process while helping your vacuum maintain its suction power.

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