Finding the best midtown hardwood flooring company is one of those very basic but incredibly essential parts of building or renovating a home.  It’s a decision you’ll make before anything else, as it underpins everything that follows. A company that can install and finish the best reclaimed and solid-wood flooring is essential.  Hudson Flooring Company works with a variety of flooring materials and companies.

How to Find the Best Midtown Hardwood Flooring Company starts with the best flooring materials

Anderson Hardwoods

Anderson Hardwood has been a high-end hardwood manufacturer out of South Carolina.  As a   revered design community, their innovation has set trend styles for decades.  They are dedicated members of Capitalizing on Capabilities (CAPC) by providing jobs to people with disabilities in their plants.  They are a sister company of Shaw, so they also follow Shaw’s Cradle to Cradle certification high standards for safety and sustainability.  With over 60 years of experience, Anderson Hardwood Flooring is the very first manufacturer of engineered hardwood flooring developing the 5-ply construction that is still the industry standard today.  By alternating the grains of 5 separate wood piles they created a product that rivals the strength of steel and uses 1/2 the wood of solid floors making the most out of every log.  Anderson Hardwood Flooring offers over 20 gorgeous collections of hardwood flooring.


Hearne Hardwoods

This Pennsylvania-based company is all about specialty hardwood flooring.  Hearne Hardwoods Inc. is a small, family-owned, specialty hardwood lumber company located on an 18th century homestead in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Started in 1997 by Rick and Pat Hearne.  It has grown from a four person, eight thousand square foot company to a business with eighteen employees and over fifty thousand square feet of showroom, storage, and manufacturing capacity.  Moreover, the mission has always been to offer a selection of some of the world’s most beautiful woods cut from sustainably managed forests to our customers and to do so in a friendly, welcoming manner.  They stock more than 100 species of domestic and exotic hardwood lumber.

Mountain Lumber Co.

The Virginia-based company has been around for nearly 40 years, transforming reclaimed wood into antique floors.  Mountain Lumber Co. travels the globe collecting antique wood from abandoned structures to make your floor. The Americana Collection features our twelve most sought-after finishes on wide plank, engineered white oak flooring—offering style and stability for a variety of applications both commercial and residential.  Additionally, we do not compromise on quality, as with all Mountain Lumber products, our Americana Collection is manufactured and quality-controlled at every point of the process at our mills in Virginia and West Virginia.

Shaw Epic Plus Hardwood

Shaw is one of the leading manufacturers of flooring in the entire world and their Epic Plus Hardwood line is manufactured here in the United States in Georgia and in Tennessee.  The Epic line is hand scraped by local prisoners giving them job skills and a wage while imprisoned.  It also supports their victims’ funds as well. The Epic line also uses 50% less newly harvested wood than their competitor products by using recycled wood materials in their patented core structure.  Shaw is dedicated to sustainability, and they are certified Cradle to Cradle which means that their products are certified to be safe for consumers and can be reused or recycled after use.  They are currently running at 65% Cradle to Cradle products but have pledged to become 100% by 2030.


Somerset is a privately owned manufacturer out of central Kentucky in the Appalachian timberlands.  They are proud to be members of the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc (AHMI) verifying that they follow the strictest standards of sustainability to the Appalachian forests.  They even have their own Forestry Staff to constantly manage the safety of their forests.  They also have a strict Waste Not policy where they use the whole tree in their manufacturing process.  Any wood fibers and sawdust produced is recycled into wood pellets and sold for a clean burning fuel.  Somerset processes millions of board feet of lumber a year.  Furthermore, throughout their operations, they control lumber manufacturing, drying, milling, and finishing of hardwood flooring.  They maintain control over the entire process, which means a quality product.

Tesoro Woods

The New Jersey–based company is a certified advocate of sourcing sustainable materials and using eco-friendly, low-VOC finishes and glues to minimize the impact on indoor air quality and health.  Moreover, you can feel good that your floor meets the highest environmental and health standards.  They distribute flooring to the public through a select network of authorized dealers across the country.  Tesoro Woods sells hardwood and bamboo flooring samples through their website.  However, their products must be purchased directly from an authorized dealer.  Buying from Hudson Flooring Company provides you with a direct point of contact for any questions or concerns.  Hudson Flooring Company offers installation services, providing you with the ability to complete your project with the best results.

Timberline Hardwoods

At Timberline Hardwoods, custom flooring is the priority.  They produce an affordable, unfinished, and pre-finished hardwood planks for milled to order products.  You pick the grade.  You pick the width.  You pick the saw cut.  They deliver.  This combination of customization and service is rare.  Their floors are seen at the most exclusive retailers and residences in the United States.

Vermont Plank Flooring

While this Vermont-based company specializes in wide-plank flooring, where the wood comes from trees that are sustainably harvested by hand, it also offers engineered hardwood, antique wood, and custom prefinished flooring options.  They have been producing the finest mill direct wide plank wood flooring on the market for 30 years.  Additionally, their solid hardwood flooring is sustainably harvested, selectively cut, and milled to your specifications for your project.  Their customers receive the highest quality, most stunning, widest plank flooring available.  Additionally, they sell wholesale by eliminating the middleman their flooring is surprisingly affordable.


How to Find the Best Midtown Hardwood Flooring Company starts with the best flooring materials

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