Parquet flooring is a flooring design that homeowners look for when considering a classic or traditional look.  If you are looking for Parquet flooring in Manhattan, Hudson Floors has you covered.  The actual design is a geometric mix of squares and triangles that are shaped together with wood pieces.  Parquet flooring is a popular design which you may have seen, especially if you watch indoor basketball.  It is also common because it is easy to maintain, customize and has a long lifespan.  There are definitely advantages and disadvantages when considering the floor for your home.  Some advantages include aesthetics, uniqueness, stable and cost efficient.  While the disadvantages include regular maintenance, moisture damage and susceptible to scratches.

Professional Parquet Flooring in Manhattan What You Need to Know | The Advantages and Disadvantages



Having wood flooring especially parquet gives a warm feeling to any home, parquet has been used in some of the most famous palaces to date.  The geometric and angular pattern options give homeowners a customizable wood floor.  Apart from being able to choose from a plethora of patterns and materials, parquet flooring can be stained different colors.  Wood flooring is a symbol of comfort and luxury, which is why it is not surprising that this type of floor is used in homes and hotels all over the world.

Manhattan Parquet Flooring InstallationUnique

Many people choose parquet flooring in Manhattan because it is unique compared to other wood flooring options; each tile is unique since the materials are combined than cut before installation.  This allows homeowners to customize the patterns, materials, grains and coloring so the rooms in your house can be more different than one another and have different patterned parquet flooring.

Stability and Cost

Parquet flooring is considered more stable than other wood flooring options.  The reason behind this is that parquet flooring has three layers of wood cut at 90-degree angles to reduce the movement of the wood.  The top layer is selected with care and is known as the wear layer.  And the layers beneath the wear layer absorb impact, which is why it is considered a more stable type of wood flooring.

Choosing parquet flooring in Manhattan might be a more cost-efficient option for homeowners.  Since, the lower layers of the parquet floor is not visible, they can be made with cheaper materials than the top layer.  This will reduce the overall cost of the parquet flooring solution.  Real wood parquet flooring has a price point of $20 to $45 per square foot.  And the more common parquet flooring that comes in a pre-made wooden tile, have a price point of $7 to $10 per square foot.


Maintenance and Moisture Damage

Parquet flooring may require a little more maintenance than other flooring, it is important that the tiles be resealed, sanded and polished.  Speak with a professional from Hudson Floors to determine the best method to maintaining your parquet flooring.  Similarly, like any other wood flooring daily care should include sweeping and dry mopping with a microfiber mop.  Once a month the parquet floors should be cleaned with a solution strictly for wood flooring.  Certain hardwood floors require different maintenance to ensure that the floor lasts longer and that the floor looks new and beautiful.

Most wood flooring including parquet is susceptible to moisture and humidity.  Wet spills should be cleaned up with paper towels, followed with a damp washcloth.  Never use a steam mop on any wood floor including parquet floors, as this will drive moisture into the wood. It is important that you manage the humidity in your home and keep your parquet floors dry.

Susceptible to Scratches

Like other wood flooring, parquet needs to be treated with care because it is susceptible to scratches made by small, sharp objects hitting the floor. It is advised that you use rugs and door mats at entry points.  And certain shoes like high heels are not advised to be worn on the parquet flooring.  Newer types of parquet flooring are made with solid hardwood rather than veneers, sanding and refinishing might be possible, it is a little more complicated because of the direction of the wood grain.  Major refinishes needs to be done by professionals, such as the ones at Hudson Floors.  Light renewal can be done by homeowners, by sanding and then applying a coat of varnish.

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