A flooring renovation can breathe new life into a home, which is why many homeowners are looking to install hardwood flooring. Hardwood is a classic for a reason, providing a high-quality look, decent acoustics, and long-term durability that will last for decades. In addition to these qualities, hardwood is easy to clean and maintain for a homeowner. The installation process for hardwood is simple and straightforward, especially if you already have experience doing this kind of work.

However, choosing the right kind of hardwood can become an ordeal. Aside from researching the wood style and staining, the property owner will have to consider plank length. The size of a wooden plank will have a significant impact on how a room’s design turns out. Here, we’ll be helping you with selecting between the main choices of plank size: wide or narrow.

How Does Each Hardwood Impact a Room’s Style?

When choosing a hardwood plank size, you should examine your goals in designing the room. Wider planks are usually 5 inches or more, with some measuring up to 12 inches. These planks tend to make a room look more spacious.

Narrow planks come around 2 to 4 inches in size and will lend a certain amount of simplicity to a room. Smaller strip planks can create a cleaner look and feel to the room.

Which Hardwood is More Expensive and Difficult to Install?

Because wide planks require more wood to make, their projects are more expensive per plank. However, you will end up buying fewer wide planks to cover the entire flooring plan, so it may end up costing you less than the narrow planks. Wide hardwood flooring is also easier to install because there are fewer planks to work on.

How to Select a Plank Size Based on Interior Design?

Narrow planking is known for creating a minimalistic style. If you’re looking for a contemporary design, go with narrow planks to create a more relaxed and seamless experience. For a more rustic countryside look, install wide planks that are darker in tone. The grains and knots that often pattern wider planks will give your flooring a truly unique appearance. Wide planks also add more depth to a room, if that is what you’re primarily concerned with.

Contemporary Trends in Flooring

While wide plank flooring hasn’t gone out of style, narrow plank sizes continue to be the more prominent trend in today’s interior design work. Many homeowners are also using vinyl, a resilient flooring material with water resistance and low maintenance. While putting together a floor plan can be difficult, the good news is that there aren’t any wrong choices to make during this process. Either way, the hardwood that you select will add an elegant touch to your living space.

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