Are you struggling to maintain your hardwood floors in NYC? Taking care of hardwood floors is something that should be maintained every week, although different wood finishes have their own unique cleaning methods.  Generally, the type of wood species is not of concern, only the hardwood floor finishes is what matters most.  Using the wrong cleaning method could damage the hardwood flooring.  There are two types of hardwood floor finishes, one being a surface finish and the second a penetrating finish.  The surface finish such as urethane or polyurethane, form a waterproof layer on the hardwood flooring.  This makes it so when liquids are spilled on the hardwood, the liquid forms a pool, instead of penetrating the hardwood.  In addition, it is safer to use water and water-based cleaning products on this type of finish.  Penetrating finishes such as linseed or ting oil seep through the surface of the hardwood floor and are usually topped with wax.  This type of finish easily absorbs water but water can warp hardwood floors.  It is recommended that you use solvent-based cleaning supplies instead of the water-based cleaning products usually used on surface finishes.

Taking care of your hardwood floors in the right way means finding out if your hardwood floor has either a surface finish or a penetrating finish.  The way to go about checking if your hardwood floor has a surface finish, is to take a sharp blade to a part of the floor that is hidden and scrape away a little bit of the finish.  If the finish proves to be clear you more than likely have a surface finish.  To check if your hardwood floor has a penetrating finish use the same method, but if the finish on the blade shows smudges on it, then you know the hardwood floor has a penetrating finish.

NYC Hardwood Floors | Tips for Taking Care of Wood Flooring

Floors and Dust:

Taking care of hardwood floors by dry mopping, sweeping and vacuuming weekly will maintain a hardwood floor free of dust, dirt and pet hair.  This method of cleaning works on both types of hardwood finishes.  The best type of mop to use is one with a flat head with a microfiber cloth pad, such as the Swiffer Sweeper.  This mop is ideal because the synthetic fibers can get into the cracks and crevices of your wood floors and pick up dirt without scratching the hardwood.  Also, if you like sweeping the hardwood floor regularly instead of a mop, find a broom with synthetic fiber ends that do the same job as the mop.  If you prefer vacuuming over sweeping and dry mopping use a vacuum cleaner with a floor brush attachment, instead of the rotating brush on the vacuum cleaner, it can dent the wood.

Food Stains and Gum

Taking care of hardwood floors by removing caked on food debris is recommended.  Simply use a plastic knife to get under the caked-on food and slowly scrape it off.  After scraping the food get a clean cloth that is a little damp and clean the area carefully, avoid leaving the area wet, quickly dry the area with a dry cloth.  For penetrating finishes, if the wax in the spot you just scraped comes off, simply re-apply a small amount of wax to the area.

Candle wax, gum, and crayon marks on wood floors can be removed, on both types of hardwood floor finishes by using ice and a spatula.  Get a handful of ice in a Ziploc bag and place it over the effected wood, let it become brittle and scrape it off with a plastic spatula.  Again, if the spatula removes some of the protective wax on the hardwood floor re-apply a solvent-based wax to the area.

Deep Cleaning

Taking care of hardwood floors that have a surface finished floor which looks dirty or dull after dusting will require you to deep clean it with a pH neutral, wax free, and petroleum free cleaner, or a homemade solution using ¼ dish soap and warm water.  If your hardwood floor has a penetrating finish the best way to clean it is removing the old wax coat and reapplying a fresh wax coat.  Apply a solvent-based hardwood wax on the floor, use what is recommended on the product label.  Then use a cloth or an electric polisher to buff the wax in a circular motion.

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